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7 Ways to Heal Your Toxic Relationship

Maintaining a healthy relationship requires a lot of conscious commitment, awareness, care, communication skills, time and effort. And even if you do form a very functional relationship with your partner, there is a chance that your love will face challenges, including a once happy relationship that turns into a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship usually drains your energy because they are heavily abused. They are based on co-dependence, neglect, and emotional manipulation.

Healing a toxic relationship requires the ability to work and act gently in a compassionate, understanding, and patient way. If healing is possible , it depends directly on your specific circumstances and on how much 'damage' has been done to both individuals (including other involved people such as close family members, children, etc.) over the period of your troubled love. If your relationship has brought more misery than happiness in your life, then you may need to consider if this is the right choice for you, especially if there is some abuse involved.

If you feel that your relationship, despite being challenging and difficult, is still enriching your life and bringing something positive and growth, then you need to take personal responsibility for your well-being. You also need to learn to navigate through your imperfect love life by making it better and curing the current toxicity that is there.

Once you succeed in healing and overcoming your first struggle for relationships, you will have a chance to have more love, more passion, more intimacy ,

Healing your love can only happen through your conscious decision, commitment and effort to work on yourself and it is very important that your partner does the same in their own way.

1. Resist your urges to control your partner

If you are in a relationship that lacks trust and true intimacy, it is very easy to develop a controlling behavior towards your partner. Because of the fear involved, you may have the irresistible urge to ask a lot of questions about the location of your partner, or their friends, you may even want to influence important decisions that your partner makes, or in general you should try hard. to let them behave and think in a way you want. If you feel like controlling these urges, it's best to resist and ask yourself, what am I afraid of in this situation?

2. Be assertive

Assertiveness is a great communication skill that will support you in managing your struggling relationship and at the same time help you improve the connection with yourself.

The ability and decision to assert yourself is healthier than passive-aggressive behavior going which usually causes a lot of damage between you being your partner. Eventually, the partnership turns into a toxic relationship.Learn about it, practice it, share it with your spouse, and see what it brings to your love life.

3. Keep space for each other

Make sure you maintain the connection with your partner, even through times of friction and frustration.If you isolate, ignore and escape such circumstances, the gap between you grows and it becomes more difficult to achieve satisfaction and closeness.

4. Rise above emotional manipulation and mind games

Are you the one mind game playing in your relationship or is it your partner? No matter who introduces these toxic manipulation attempts, in order to heal your toxic relationship, you will have to resist both initiating or participating in mind games or gas lighting in relationships.

5. Participate in crucial conversations

More love, more passion, and more intimacy are normally found on the other side of the truth. To start your wrestling love again, you need to start taking some emotional risks.

You can start with a crucial conversation, pick up the truths you have remembered from your partner, and then stay in dialogue, even if it is uncomfortable or scary.

6. Get information, tools, advice and / or professional support

Most people just do not know what to do. Our mainstream culture is completely unaware of what it takes to create a healthy, highly functioning relationship. Repairing a toxic marriage or ending toxic relationships is not an easy feat . Finding an answer to the question, can a toxic relationship be established, is frightening.

So whether it leaves a toxic relationship or finds the answer, 'can a toxic relationship be repaired' or 'how can you resolve a toxic relationship after breaking up' is best done with professional support that can provide you with tools on how to you can turn a toxic relationship healthy.

Marital care or advice on relationships in the form of a third party, impartial, a trusted expert can help you recognize toxic relationship signs, resolve unhealthy relationships by establishing some grounding rules, and facilitating the continuation of a toxic relationship. Getting some information on how to heal a toxic relationship or engage a professional to support you would be a great step towards recovering the couple from the toxic marriage or transforming a partner's toxic behavior.

7. Practice practice

We often take what we receive regularly for granted and we do not see the value and importance in what our partners bring into our lives. Doing daily gratitude, such as sharing three things we value about our partner before we go to bed, can help shift the focus from negative to positive and heal our relationship.

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