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With GHC1000 you can get a beautiful and good woman to marry from these regions in Ghana.

With as little as Ghc1000 you can get a very good woman to marry from Northern Region, North East Region and part of Savannah Region.

Successful marriage is not about spending a lot of money and organizing parties. 

When you get a lady from a typical village in the northern region, you only pay the knocking fee and the bride price of the lady which normally cost around Ghc200.

Collar nuts are required to and some additional money when asking for the lady's hand in marriage before the payment of bride price. Immediately the man pays the bride price of the lady, the woman has become the legal wife to the man. There is no need to organize party and spend more money, the man will decide which day he wants his wife to be brought to him and that concludes the wedding.

What the Youth from those regions normally do is that, they do this kind of wedding and later organize party after giving birth of one or two.

The process they normally follow is that, when the man is asking for the lady's hand in marriage, he pays about Ghc100 in addition to collar nuts before paying a bride price which varies but it not expensive in the villages, it could be around GHC100-GHC300 afterwards the man buys some few new clothes for the wife and that's all.

However not all weddings from the villages will cost you this, some can even cost you more than Ghc5000. For people who lives in the cities and towns spends a lot of money on weddings with at least Ghc10,000 especially when the lady is highly educated. 

Marriage should be made easy for everyone, a lot relationships has ended in tears due to the lady's demand of expensive wedding, let's make it very simple and stop complicating things.

Remember that expensive wedding does not guarantee peaceful marriage or home.

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