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Ladies, Here are 12 Initial signs you are dating the wrong guy

Everyone wants to be loved. Sometimes in the process of seeking love, we find ourselves in the wrong relationship. Sometimes we look back at our ex, we can now understand why it was not successful, but it is difficult to see these things when dating. However, there are always signs that you are dating the wrong person. Identifying the wrong partner is difficult because it requires us to be honest with ourselves. It is possible to love someone but know that they are wrong to you.

Here are twelve red flags that indicate that your boyfriend is not for you:

1. He thinks the world revolves around him.

If your man is more interested in how you fit into his world than your personal needs, then you may be dating the wrong person.

2. He is not attractive to you.

You are not on his priority list. He no longer wants to talk to you or hang out with you. Even if he is not as busy as before, he refuses to be with you.

3. He was ungrateful for your sacrifice.

He is not grateful for what you have done for him out of kindness. The little things you do for him will not be noticed. He didn't because he should respond in the same way.

4. He does not have enough time.

When you call him, he usually wants to hang up as soon as possible. He may not have much time to spend time with you, but he does have time to spend time with friends and other important aspects of life. He is always online, but he never texts you or takes the initiative to chat with you. He usually makes a plan with you and then cancels it. Moreover, regardless of the charge, his defense is usually weak.

5. When you two meet, he just wants to be intimate. If you just want to talk or spend time doing other things, he will become irritable.

6. He is also withdrawn emotionally. He does not discuss the future of your relationship, which is a clear sign of a bad lover.

7. He hides many things from you

He doesn't tell you the wonderful things that happened in his life, and he never asks for your opinion. Even if you date him for a few years, you don't know what he likes or dislikes.

8. He is a tyrant who controls the power of others.

If you talk or laugh casually with a man, whether it is to your family, students, or colleagues, he will be jealous and threaten you.

9. He is always looking for new ways to control his lifestyle.

You are suffocated and exploited to the point where you think you are suffocated and exploited.

10. He maintains regular contact with his ex-girlfriend.

11. He often compares you to his ex-girlfriend and asks her for advice on relationship issues. If he does this, the warning signs and symptoms must indicate that there is a problem with the person you are dating. Now it is up to you to make the best decision.

12. Going out with him will exhaust you.

If being with your partner makes you exhausted, then you may be dating the wrong person. Even the best relationships include occasional quarrels, but this should be the exception, not the norm. You should feel happy and energetic with your partner, not sad and sleepy.

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