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Why Do Ladies Eat from Their Boyfriend’s Plate When They've Their Own Food; Witchcraft or Romantic?

There is a growing phenomenon in Ghana, no, across the globe about ladies. Whenever a lady is out with her boyfriend and they are eating, there are times the woman will travel to the food of the man and have a bite of what he has on his plate, even as they are eating from the same joint. Sometimes, they also try to chew the meats on the foods of their boyfriends even when they have not touched theirs.

This type of attitude made social media ask the simple question: why do women do that thing; is it plain wickedness or a gesture of love. Well, since the question dropped, there has been numerous answers and those that stayed dominant among all was the fact that men’s food is sweet on their plates.

Others too figured it was out of good love and nothing else. Although some guys were trying as much as possible to attribute some witchcraft features to it, one lady came in pretty handy to save the ladies out there. Her answer was that they do that to test guys' patience.

Wow, in fact, I didn’t see that coming. So when some ladies pick from your food and you appeared angered or disapproves, they identify the kind of person you are and how you will treat them in the future. For women, they are always using intellectual means to test their love from men. I guess this is one secret that has been exposed from the female gender faculty. Be on guard guys, for the test is not only in bed but in eating too (know what I mean). 

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