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How to know it's time to end your relationship in 5 simple tips

Love is a beautiful thing and it makes us do the things no one ever thought or imagined that we will do under any cuircustances .

Love they say is powerful and it even covers all the wrong doings of our loved ones, due to love we even trust people blindly when we know they are offending us.

Love makes us to go to the extend of giving up our own dreams to suit the other person but when it does not goes as planned it can even make you lose it within a second and never love again.

Here are 5 things to notice when it time to give up on the relationship you are in before it becomes toxic.

The first of it all is slow and straight forward reply.

In most relationship the moment where communications becomes a problem you should know it time to let go of that person , here is why,

You both will be online but it will takes her sometime to reply you and most of the replies are straight forward, this should indicate that your partner is enjoying another person's time and her attention is not with you.

It most frequent in long distance relationship

Two, frequent statement of

I am busy

When most people find a lover aside their real partner they begin to spend time with the new lover and hence begin to give excuses to their original partner.

The truth of life is that, no matter how busy you are you will still get time for the most important things in your life.


avoiding video calls to cover for their cock and bull stories.

Also some refuses to answer your calls and they only calls you when they want to.


They will tell you the person they spend time frequently with

Is just is a just a friend but before you realize they are more than just friends.


They frequently tell lies for no reason and if you keep track you will notice they are lying and everything doesn't add up

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