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Husband and wife relationship

Seven Qualities A Man Should Have Before Thinking About Marriage

Many people marry because they believe it is the right time because of their age. However, age isn't a prerequisite for marriage; in practice, it's the bare minimum. There are more pressing matters to see to.

Before getting married, a man should have the following qualities:

He should have a Job or a business

A man who wants to marry should be employed; starting a family comes with a lot of expenses, and a man is more 'manly' when he can provide for his family. If a man fails to fulfill this duty, his household will be in disarray, and unity will be a foreign language in that house.

He should have an idea of who he wants to be with

Before getting married, a man should have a good sense of who he wants; you can't just marry any woman; you need to decide who you want in a woman.

He should Understan his wants

Another thing a man should have/know before marrying is a clear idea of what he wants in a home. What do you like your house to look like? What kind of marriage do you intend to have? Before beginning a family, you should have a clear picture of what you want.

In fact, you don't create a house without having a clear idea of what you want in it. Before the architect draws up the blueprint, the house must first be imagined. In your marriage, the same can be so.

He should be matured enough

Marriage is for sophisticated minds, and if you haven't achieved this level of maturity in dealing with circumstances, then marriage isn't for you; it's not about your age, but about the ability to manage yourself and make sensible choices in the heat of the moment. Any wife beater, in my opinion, is unfit for marriage.

He should have vision

Another essential quality a man should possess prior to marriage is imagination; you should have a vision for yourself as well as a vision for the marriage. What is the fate of that marriage? What are your plans for the future? As a man, you must have this vision, for a man without vision is doomed.

He should have knowledge on how to treat women

This is yet another valuable tip that any man should know before marrying. If you don't know how to treat a lady, at the very least know how to treat your own woman, even if you don't know how to treat your own woman, you can learn before approaching her to ask her to marry you.

He must be ready to be committed

If you know you won't give it your all to make your marriage succeed and won't be completely engaged, maybe marriage isn't for you. Before entering into a marriage, you must have a strong desire to commit.

A man should not only get married for the sake of getting married; there are certain important things he should have before marrying.

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