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Wedding planning scene

VIDEO: Check Out This Wedding Ceremony Where Ladies Lie Down For Groom & Bride To Walk On Them

Wedding celebrations are one of the best moments in the life of people. Every church and how they organize wedding ceremonies for couples. Some pastors allow kissing, romance and dancing in their church while others do not. But for a pastor to tell some ladies to lie down for the groom and bride to walk on them seems to be a strange and odd thing seen at wedding ceremonies.

Checking the screenshot from the video in this article, some beautiful and curvaceous have all lie down and the groom and the bride are just walking on them. There was also a woman seated at the end of these ladies who has opened her legs and arms as if she receiving the bride and the groom in her arms.

Some Ghanaians after coming across the video asked the meaning of this strange wedding tradition. The person who posted this video on social media did not indicate where this happened but this obviously happened in Africa.

Some Ghanaians said that probably the ladies lying down are those who are not married in the church. The pastor probably told them to lie down for this couple to walk on them so that God will open marriage doors for them. They argued that these days pastors can give strange and false directions for members to follow.

You can also watch the video through the link below:

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