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Any Sex Style Other Than Man On Top Is Evil and Sin Against God, Female Pastor Warns Christians

A female pastor is gaining notoriety on Social Media after her controversial advice to Christian couple to desist from mating in different styles other than what she said was the Biblically recommended sex position, known commonly as the man on top or the missionary position. The woman of God said trying different styles in the bedroom is a sin before God and should be shunned by Christians.

In a 30 seconds video shared on Instagram by Vimbuzzgh, the pastor noted that for children of God, sex should not be conducted like the way animals are doing. For her, the right way of having sex is husband on top of the wife and so all other methods of copulating should be shunned.

"As children of God, we don't need to do it like the way world are doing it. These are things we see on the streets by dogs and in other things.

"As wife you are not satisfied with your husband on top of you and you on top of your wife and so you are trying acrobatics. Are you being dogs?" The mystery pastor whose identity has yet to be disclosed questioned in a video which has already been viewed by nearly a thousand people

Click on the link below to watch the pastor and see reactions that followed

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