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When your woman does these things, she is not into you so leave her

Relationship as a whole demands dedication and full of commitment. Without these it may not work or go the way it is expected. Many relationship these days are breaking as those involved part ways for specific reasons. This is why television personality and entrepreneur Jessica Opare Saforo has given some tips when you realise in your woman, the best way to do is to quit instead of engaging yourself and later regret. According to her, there are some rules and if you follow them you will get to know the right person to move with and the one who is is not interested.

1. If she doesn't respond to your message / Calls

If you text her and she doesn't reply or give you the necessary attention, it means she is not interested so the only way is to back off. When she is interested, she is eager to see you so the moment she sees your call or message, she quickly replies but when it is the other way round she is way not interested. Some ladies actually are busy at work to the extent that when you message them they can't reply instantly or within shortest possible time. But to the extent of not responding to you for over 24 hours, she is actually not interested so leave her.

2. When she cancels plans repeatedly

Anytime you want to meet her and go out on a date with her she cancels it. For example you tell her you want to meet on Monday she will agree and when the day reaches, something came up and she cancels it. You will reschedule it on Wednesday and when the day appears, something will come up again. That alone should give you a red flag and you should get to know that she is way not interested. When she likes you, she alone will crave to see you regularly regardless of any obstacles.

3. She calls you a friend

When you both go out and she introduces you to her friends as a friend, that is a red flag. You guys know that you are dating so there should be a proper way of introduction but if she introduces you as just a mere friend, that is a big no.

4. When she tells you she is not ready

Some ladies are not brave enough to genuinely tell you the truth so when she boldly tells you she is not ready to be in a serious relationship, do not force her. Let her be and find someone else who is ready to be with you.

5. You always reach out first

There are some couple of girls who don't like reaching out to their guys. It is always you who has to initiate chats. You have to check up on her, ask how she is faring whether she has eaten or not. When that happens always and continuously, she is not interested.

6. When you escalate she goes vague

This is when she rubbishes your compliment or try as much as possible not to show happiness even when you tell her good things. If she does these things in your relationship, my brother she is not interested.

7. When she blue ticks

As it was initially said, everybody is busy but not the extent of ignoring your messages for more than 24 hours. When this is going on, it is a big no and that is the biggest red flag you could ever find in a lady who is not interested. Don't waste your precious time.

8. Check her body language

One example is when you are having a conversation with her, she doesn't give you the necessary attention. When you are even talking with her, she looks elsewhere or looking through her phone answering other guys chats. You shouldn't wait for anything than to leave her life as quick as possible.

Credit: Jessica Opare Saforo

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