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4 secrets you should never tell your partner

Trust is the foundation of every partnership. Everyone, however, has a secret. It's natural to have details about your partner that he or she should never know.

Even if you and your partner are the best of friends, you'll probably agree on one thing: there are certain things you can never discuss with your partner. And if you want to be open with your partner, these things should be for you alone.

Here are a few things you should never reveal to your partner:

You've never had a better 'bed game' than this.

Don't tell your partner if you haven't had your unforgettable and mind-blowing sex with them yet. Even if you want your partner to improve their 'bed game' and benefit from your sexual history, don't do it because it will harm their feelings and ego.

That you are in contact with exes

It's likely that you'll have a friendly and fun relationship with your ex-partners. This is something your partner does not appreciate. Unnecessary disputes or excessive envy can arise, slowly destroying your relationship. Keep the exes' texts and phone calls private to prevent this scenario.

Your preferences for "adult movies"

This is something that one should never tell his wife. We all have different sexual desires, but we're too scared or embarrassed to share them with our partners. Watching "adult film" is a very personal matter that you don't want to discuss with anyone. As a result, you can keep your phone's "History" tab locked.

You don't like any of his physical characteristics.

Nobody is without flaws. You embrace but don't necessarily like your partner's faults and imperfections. There are things your partner can't alter, whether it's a crooked chin or a large nose. Furthermore, if you point it out to him, he would be uneasy about his presence.

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