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How to confess your love to your crush without being bounced

True love is the best feeling to ever happen to a person on this Earth and I hope every person experiences love before leaving this world. Love is just pure and therefore shouldn't come with fright.

These days has seen many guys being scared to confess their love for ladies since they think they might not get a good response. This is either due to stories they have heard about other guys who were rejected by their crushes or due to past experiences.

Trust me, many guys are really bleeding. They get closer to ladies and pour out a whole essay only to hear these girls tell them that they are not interested in the relationship. Being rejected is one of the most painful experiences many guys dread to face. One funny yet sad thing is that, when a girl bounces you, whenever you see her, you would just wish you vanish to a place where she cannot see you and hence you begin to hide as if you owe someone around that vicinity at the moment. It even gets to a point that you begin to think she's telling her friends when they discuss something after seeing you.

For this reason, many guys have made it a point not to face any lady at all because it is better they stay lonely than to go out and be embarrassed.

Sometimes, many guys find it difficult trying to hide the feelings they have for a lady. This then places a huge burden on them since it makes them inactive when close to such ladies. Some guys have the juiciest words which can melt a girl's heart but for others, they barely don't know what to say when they meet beautiful and attractive girls. Well, this article was created purposely for the guys who become static when their crushes gets to them.

I compiled some interesting tips which can be followed before confessing love to make it easy for a man and acceptable for a girl. Looking at these tips, you get to see that confessing love to a girl takes more than a day. If the girl is really a wife material, she wouldn't accept your proposal on the first day you meet. You have to work out stuff with wife materials before they accept you to be their man. These tips are powerful and I hope they help you land yourself on the lady which you have always feared confessing your love to.

1. Find a suitable way to get to know her more and start talking to her. You just don't tell a girl you like her right after meeting her. She would think that you are in to sleep with her and leave. You just don't confess your love to her without even knowing her. If you do that, you are going to be bounced like a basketball. Attract her attention and make a good impression when she is around.

2. Using a sense of humor to make her feel comfortable. This step is a very vital step to making a lady gain interest in you since it reduces awkwardness in any conversation. Ladies love guys who always makes them happy whenever they are around them. Be that guy!!!

3. Compliment her

Complimenting a lady makes her know that you are paying attention to the little things about her. Make sure you shower words of praise about her clothes, shoes and most importantly, talk about how beautiful she is.

4. Message her and talk to her at different times of the day. Be always available for her. This makes her confide in you. She wouldn't mind sharing the difficulties she is facing in life with you. You can even bring solutions to these difficulties if possible.

5. Try to appreciate her interests and if possible, help her build on those interests. An example is hitting the gym with her after realizing that she is more focused on exercising.

A man should not expect the lady to give a positive response and accept entering into the relationship immediately, as she may ignore the topic and change the dialogue to a new topic, so you must be calm and mature and prepare a positive response in case your feelings are not taken into consideration. Women love testing you just to see your reaction if they tell you that it won't happen. Maintaining a nice composure will make her know that you are different.

After expressing feelings clearly and transparently, the girl may feel speechless and need some time to evaluate the situation and take her decision. She may love you and reciprocate feelings for you, but she needs some time to be able to reveal them since she will feel shy after considering how far your friendship has gone. You must therefore be patient and wait for her.

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