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Make Your Boyfriend Or Husband Feel Loved By Doing The Following

Making your significant other feel significant is vital for a healthy relationship. While every man is different, there are a few common gestures, words, and basic actions you should consider using when you really want to make sure your man feels loved by you.

With Sweet Gestures

1. Make him dinner. You don't need to be a great cook, nor do you have to cook him anything especially elaborate. The time and effort involved in fixing any meal demonstrates a certain level of care when that meal is prepared for someone else, though, and that alone can speak volumes about how much you love him.

For something extra special, find out what his favorite meal is and try making that. You should occasionally cook other things, as well, but mastering his favorites will show him that your efforts are for his sake.

2. Offer to pick up the tab. Every relationship comes with some sort of financial burden. Oftentimes, the man in the relationship takes on the majority of that burden. Even if he is happy to do so, you can still show some consideration for his needs and his situation by offering to chip in every now and then. He may or may not take you up on the offer, but knowing that you would be just as willing to pay for him as he is for you can reassure him that you love being with him for his sake, and not simply because he pampers you.

Know when to back off. Some guys like taking on the role of financial provider, and if that dynamic works for your relationship, you do not need to push him into letting you pay the way. Make the offer, and if he politely declines, then leave things at that.

3. Do something he enjoys. Chances are, there is at least one thing your guy enjoys doing that you find little to no enjoyment in. Figure out what that hobby is and tell him that you want to do it together. When the day of the event or activity arrives, attend without complaint. Your willingness to put his needs above your wants demonstrates your love for him.

For example, offer to see his favorite band in concert even if you hate their music, or ask him to take you to see his favorite baseball team play even if you think that sports are boring.

4. Pick up the phone. When the two of you are apart, pick up the phone and call him. This is important even if the two of you live together and are only apart during working hours. A quick phone call just to let him know that he's on your mind will tell him that you're still “with him” even when the two of you are physically miles apart.

Know when enough is enough, of course. A call once during the workday can be sweet, but a call every hour can be a bother.

5. Give him a little note. A love letter is a great idea if the two of you live apart, but if you live together or otherwise see each other every day, try dropping a quick note into his pants pocket or suitcase when he isn't looking. When he stumbles upon the note later in the day, it'll probably bring a smile to his face.

6. Buy a favorite treat. If your man has a favorite snack or food he loves, buy it and bring it over, especially if you know he's had a long day or has been under a lot of stress. It is a simple gesture, but one packed with plenty of consideration, and that consideration is what lets your man know that you love him.

If you happen to be a good cook, you could make the treat instead of buying it.

A favorite treat can be something sweet and indulgent, like a quart of his favorite ice cream, or it can be something more practical, like a pizza or a meal from a favorite take-out place.

7. Sneak a surprise kiss. The longer two people are together in a relationship, the more likely they are to fall into a routine. A kiss or similar expression of affection can highlight the sincerity of that gesture when delivered at an unexpected time.

Kiss him on the cheek or lips as you walk past him, or give him an affectionate squeeze on the arm under the same circumstances.

Try playing footsie underneath the table at a restaurant or grabbing his hand when you walk down the street.

8. Give him a massage. You don't need to be an expert masseuse to deliver a decent massage. Read up on what to do, then surprise your man after a long day by offering to massage his troubles away. The thoughtfulness of the gesture might speak volumes on its own, but since a massage is also a physically intimate act, it tells your man that you appreciate and love his body, as well.

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