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Meet the only tribe in Africa that allows women to marry many husbands

It is popular in some African societies and is good enough for men to be able to marry more than one partner, according to current traditions and customs. On the other hand, in some African societies, women are allowed to marry more than one man, regardless of whether or not they are currently engaged to another man.

In cultures where this form of marriage exists, allowing a woman to marry two or more men is believed to limit population growth and increase child survival.

In this text I can help you understand everything you really wanted to know about Africa's unrivaled extended family that allows women to marry multiple partners.

Wodaabe men perform the Yaake ritual dance as part of the Gerewol, a week-long courtship ceremony in Chad. It must be one of the few African cultures that allows girls to take the lead in choosing a fiancé, and even married women have the right to take other men as their sexual partners.

Vodaabe means "taboo people" - this is a subgroup of Fulani and Tuaregs who have roamed this part of Africa for centuries. Here a man from Vodaabe wakes up at dawn in the Sahel desert - his donkey and the humblest inn are his only possessions.

Tied girls have the opportunity to choose a new man as a life partner. Celebrating a house is a regular practice in this large family and is usually the most important part of an overall Halloween party. It is an annual event where younger men dress and apply cosmetics to position themselves as leading men.

The main position for this is to try to blind different pairs of parents when involved in this conflict.

In this culture, all men have the same rights over him as husbands and fathers of all their children.

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