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Why You Should Not Use Your Girlfriend For Your Profile Picture On Your Social Media Handles

Don't use your girlfriend's picture as your profile picture on your social media handles. Either WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on for the following reasons that I will list below. I'm not saying it is wrong for you to use your girlfriend for your profile picture, but I want you to know why it is dangerous to do so.

1. To save your relationship.

If you want your relationship with your girlfriend to last a long time, then I will say don't use her picture for your profile picture. You might be thinking, if I don't use her picture for my profile, she will think I don't love her or I'm cheating on her. First of all, has she used your picture for her profile? The answer might be no. But let's leave that by the way. When I say to save your relationship, what I'm trying to let you understand is that there are some people who don't like you or never want to see you move forward in life.

If they know about your girlfriend, they might find ways and means to end your relationship with her. Maybe a girl in your community is really crushing on you, and she finds out you have a girlfriend. I bet you she might end that relationship. Ladies know how to do that, especially with guys they are madly in love with. She will find ways and means to end that relationship so that she can have you. This is how some relationships end that we don't know about.

2. To attract women

If a woman wants to get close to you, they will find out that you have a girlfriend. Perhaps they will not even like you as a friend. They will be afraid to be your friend because they think your girlfriend might not like that or attack them. But if you don't use your girlfriend for your profile picture, you will actually make friends with other ladies.

3. In order to avoid embarrassment,

Here is a case whereby she breaks up with you for no reason or even if there is a reason. Changing your profile picture or using another picture might bring a lot of questions from your friends or loved ones. And if they find out she has broken up with you, I bet you they will make fun of you, especially if you tell your friends that you have that kind of relationship with them. They will not stop teasing you.

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