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Trending Traditional African Clothing Styles

Want to know how to get the best traditional African clothing for your wedding? African ethnic clothing is surprisingly easy to acquire, especially for weddings, all you need are your measurements! That’s because when it comes to African clothing, just about everything is custom made.

One good way to incorporate your African heritage into your wedding is to wear Afrocentric clothing on your wedding. As with just about any other fashion, African fashions also go through their changes so you’ll want to make sure that the outfits you sew are up-to-date. Nowadays, the trend in Africa (at least in Nigerian clothing) is to use traditional African fabrics to sew formal outfits that have more of a westernized style. To get the juices flowing and inspire you with some ideas, check out some offerings from some talented African fashion designers.

Most people are very familiar with this popular clothing pattern that originated from Ghana. One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways of incorporating something African into your wedding is to wear a piece of African Kente cloth draped over your shoulder (both men and women), or wrapped around your waist… (women only).

Don’t forget all the accessories that you’ll need to have to go with your wedding regalia. You’ll need matching shoes and purse, possibly a hand-fan if you’re going to be getting married in the summer months or in a tropical area… African wedding beads, African bead necklace and other jewelry.

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