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Photos Of Beautiful 'SHS Couples' Flexing In Uniforms That Will Blow Your Mind

School is a combination of heaven and hell, good and bad memories all packed into one campus called a school. If you had only good times in school, then I guess you are one of those students that used the American and British system schools. For a student from an average home like myself, you surely had one or two of those times where you wish you were never sent to school. If it is not your wicked dormitory prefect that gave you a tough time, then it might be the house master himself.

It is either the food gave you regular stomach upset or you got punishments for things you did not even know happened. In all these instances, we have learnt a lot and have gathered some experience which we now use in our daily lives. So, let's just say the years spent going through all the stress wasn't wasted. There were good times too, the fun we had in school made us forget the hell we were going through for sometime.

Having the opportunity to attend school is a very great privilege, you have to make a lot out of it. These high school girls and boys are making some memories of their time in school. Check out these photos of some senior high school couples or best friends flexing in their school uniforms that will make you miss school.

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