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Do Ladies Really Care About The Size Of It?

One the major concerns of men is that their thing is not big that is why she is not satisfied. Men whose own are small tend to have low confidence. The market now is packed with drugs that promise to enlarge it but do ladies care about it?

When you are married or dating, one thing you have to make sure is your woman is satisfied, financially and even in the bedroom. A lot of men find it hard especially in the bedroom. According to research, 99% of women don't care about the size but rather how you make them feel.

It is not about using energy, its all about foreplay and how well you use your waste. If you focus your energy you will get tired early. But if you focus on other parts of the body before doing the real thing, the chances are that she would be satisfied.

According to research too, after attaining 20 years, it doesn't grow big or long again, so no matter the drug you use, you are just worrying yourself. Exercise more, eat well and focus on the lady instead of yourself. Size doesn't really matters.

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