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Ladies Don't Like To Propose To Men; They Do These 20 Things Instead

I don't know why, but sometimes it seems like guys are blind in love. They don't see that a particular girl is circling around them and they don't see the flirtatious game the girls are trying to set up. So if you ever wonder if this girl is attracted to you, read these 20 signs. Chances are if she presents more than one, she likes you!

1. When she can't reach you, your phone catches fire with text messages and missed calls. She's worried about you and she's a little worried, she needs to talk to you. Would she really do it if she was laughing at you? No. The answer is no.

2. You notice that when you talk about another girl, even if it's just your friend, her tune changes and she is very curious to know more about this famous girl .

3. She texts you to tell you something that doesn't mean anything , after all. She just wants to talk to you.

4. Most importantly, if the texting conversation stops, she 'll restart it .

5. Her family and friends already know you, since she talks about you when you're not around. Yes, they know a lot about you ... and you notice it if she ends up presenting it to you. (We all have a mother who is a little too talkative who says, at the wrong time: "haaa, that's you! I've heard a lot about you!").

6. You notice that when she talks, she often says "we" , and she talks about "you" in the future, without realizing it too much.

7. She makes your breakfast on the weekends. And she always makes sure that you have breakfast in the morning, because she cares about you .

8. She listens to you, without pretending. Besides, she remembers what you told her, because it interests her.

9. She asks a lot of questions to find out more about you, your personal and professional life. She's curious about you, and that's a sign that she likes you.

10. She has a million nonverbal cues that go off when you're around her: she touches her hair, her pupils dilate, she touches your arm or shoulder, she bites her lip, she look at your mouth, etc.

11. She looks you straight in the eye when she talks to you, she really connects with you.

12. Your past life with other girls

13. She's trying to find your commonalities and emphasizes it

14. She laughs at your jokes , even the crappy ones.

15. When the two of you are in a group, she speaks up more often to get your attention.

16. And every time she does, she turns to you for watch your reaction.

17. She cares that you are fine and your happiness is important to her.

18. She will be always be positive with you, always nice to show you how simple and easy life is with her.

19. When you meet her and it's planned, she probably took 1 hour to get ready (or at least ... longer than usual)  before and it's easy to notice: her hair is "On the boat", her makeup too, her nails are done and she has chosen her clothes carefully.

20. she's caring , down to the smallest detail

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