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"I will never forget this day" A man shares his 'sad' incident

A man shares a true heartbreaking story of how he almost got washed away by rain water.

It was one sunny sunday in the city of Accra. I was on my way home from work. Everyone would have doubted if someone said it would rain because the sun was scorching like hell.

I stepped out of my office at abbosey okai and walked to the junction to chatter a taxi because my car was at the mechanic shop. Anyway from my office to the junction was just a stone throw, i decide not to use bolt cause i wanted to walk.

When i got to the junction the clouds started to gather asbif God was annoyed at Ghana. After a few minutes it started to rained for ages and no taxi was coming. So i had no option than to rush back to the office and wait for the rain to settle. As i was going i realised that the rain has started flooding the road. So i had to take study step cause a little carelessness can or may cost me my life.

At that point i knew i was the owner of my life..i was gradually getting closer to my work place. Well joy was coming until i stepped in a gutter, it was like a hell in a cell..before i could realise was being washed away by the water. At the point the only thing that saved a tree stamp..i held on tight and got out of the water, i was really shocked cause my life blinked right before my eye. Till today i still remember that day.

Like follow and sgare for more. Drop your comment if you have experienced such incident.

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