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Three Reasons why Christian relationships should be registered.

Every church should have a register in which is recorded pertinent details of its members who are intending to get married. This serves as the official recognition of the relationship by the church and should be done at least six months Prior to the intendant marriage.


First is to ascertain if someone or some people are married already. Some couples may already have children from the current or a past relationship. In some cultures, it is customary to have what is known as a traditional wedding ceremony. It is important to know if the couple have performed the said rites or not. Any such ceremony, tradition or rite must be brought to light. Failure to disclose such information may lead to a termination of the relationship.

Secondly is to ensure that all such relationships are not hidden. It is imperative that all relationships be open before God, the pastor and the church congregation. Carrying out the relationship openly also helps to promote a healthy and wholesome relationship.

Thirdly is to know the couple better. By registering the couple, you will learn about them in a more personal manner. These are some of the few reasons for the register.

a) The couple's full name for completing the register.

b) You can better assess their christian commitment.

c) Know the church of your members beloved, if not from your church.

d) Probe their church activity levels.

e) Confirm any past relationships.

f) Confirm whether present relationship is smooth or stormy.

g) And also to know how soon they intend to marry. Unduly long relationships are not encourage. Thanks for reading.

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