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Four Types of People Who Have Influence On Your Woman Than You

When it comes to the issue of you getting married to the woman of your dreams, and the choice of a spouse, there are some people who have much influence on your chosen lady.

They have more influence on her because the lady may be relying on their advice for everything that she does.

Sometimes after you think you have fully convince your woman enough on an issue, they will go and discuss with them concerning whatever you guys have discussed for them to advice them 

 Some of these people if you don't put yourself well enough for them to score you the best mark, they can easily convince your fiance against your plans easily.

This is the reason you may have a discussion with your woman to her best of understanding but will return with a no for an answer later on.

There kind of people are:

1. Your woman’s mother

Most mothers have a very deep influence on their daughters concerning anything about their lives and decisions.

So whatever discussions you will have with them they will definitely have a discussion with them for their approval.

2. Your woman’s Pastor

If your lady happens to be a dynamic christian especially committed in the things of the church then its a marks that the pastor will be more friendly with her and the trust of seeing him as his ‘father’ will be in her mind.

So mostly anything that has to do with relationship advice which may be above her imagination will be directed to him as her father in the lord.

3. Your woman’s best friend

Birds of the same feathers indeed fly together. There are some ladies who have been friends from time immemorial till they grew up and still maintain their friendship.

Those they call close friends, tight friends or best friends. They have the upper hand in the decisions of your woman in everything but more especially issues concerning relationships because they don't want their friends to get hurt by anyone.

4. Your woman’s grandma

Most children were taken care of by their grandma or were always with grandma when they were kids. So they grow to see their grandma as their best woman and therefore trust their instincts more than even their parents. So they mostly discussed issues of life with them for life experience advice.

Therefore if any man who is serious in a relationship leading to marriage with a woman he should also in one way or the other have a rapport with these aforementioned categories i have made mention above. 

God bless every relationship leading to marriage.

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