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Husband and wife relationship

Pregnant Woman Says She Had To Do This To Be The Legal Wife After Her Husband Brought Another Wife

Fridah claims that her husband married a second wife, which irritated her. She even forced her to take to the streets and engage in prostitution. She claimed that she married the father of her unborn child, an act that her parents did not approve of.

After she gave birth, her husband always treated her like a queen because he was so deeply in love with her. This was not the case shortly after she gave birth to her second child, as her husband began treating her badly.

She said that her husband and husband had been married to another woman for three years, but what disappointed her was that he hugged her with his belongings which he said was not divorced because of him. She doesn't need to read to live in it as a wife, nor does she have to read to face all the challenges she faces as a wife.

Life is really over him and he decides to leave Mary. "Eight months after Regans, Isaas married another woman. I couldn't live with my new wife at the same time because we had to try even to fight back. Someone was going to die. I shook and left the house, he said.

After the marijuana ran out, he started working as a surrogate while he regressed for only eight months, which he felt was not easy. This is the only job she wants to do as an independent woman, which is not an easy job as it should be. After the ninth month, she gave birth to a child, but had no contact with her husband during this network trip.

Living with Infanta was hard to survive without being stable, but it wasn't. He said his sister then advised him to contact herbalist Dr. Magwenu, whom he told about on a virtual news site, to help fix his Maria.

Her husband Isaas ends a honking fight with his newlywed wife as he prays for a reunion. dr. Magwenu assured him that his testimony would not be broadcast on news programs and websites. She never hesitated to reunite with her husband and because he was tired of living a hard life. They're the same again and live hard on a grand scale.

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Fridah Mary


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