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Heart Touching Love Story Hits The Internet

It's about a boy and a girl. They were best friends for years and used to talk to each other on phone and text each other the whole day. There wouldn't be a day on which they didn't talk to each other. Everything was great. They used to be happy in each other's company.

But one day the boy didn't call or replied to the girl's text for a day. The girl got worried and knew something was wrong. At night in her room she was crying and at that time she realized what the boy meant to her.

The next day, the girl got a call. It was was to inform her that the boy got knocked down by a car and was taken to a nearby hospital. The girl rushed to the hospital and went to see him. She was sitting beside him and holding his hands...

Boy; I'm sorry it's all my fault. But I promise...I will make it up to you

Girl; I'm not going to get better!

Boy; Don't say that.

Girl; Just tell me one thing

To this question, the boy told her the truth that he has heart problem and did not want her to get worried because there was risk that he would die.

Boy continued and said,I did this because I love you... I love you too replied the girl and her heart stopped beating . Just after 10 minutes boy also died because of heart attack as he could live with the thought that she died because of him.

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