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Things that need to be observed before approaching her

Sustenance of relationships can be made possible by the ability of both parties to talk to themselves and also make discussions in a very healthy way. Talking to your crush is one of the key factors in getting to see our dream about being in a relationship come true. Aside the crush, talking to your girl can help the relationship grow. You just don't move out to talk to her.

You have to notice certain things and analyze them lest you will get bounced if she is your crush or get a breakup if she is already your girl. This article is going to talk about some steps you have to do so as to know how to approach your girlfriend or the crush you have always wanted and, also enhance your communication skills with them

The most important thing you have to do is to observe her behavior or ask other friends about her character. It is possible to know the personality of the girl you wish to be with and get to know her more through the other people around her, in the following ways: 

a. Comparing the way the girl behaves with other friends, and the way she treats or talks with them, with the way she behaves when around you. When you get to see that the way she behaves is positive when around you, keep on doing what you think you might be doing right.

If you think she is acting negative too, get to change the things you do around her. Making her feel okay around you can really enhance communication with her since she will see you as a friend she can trust. No one would ever think about letting the people they can trust go so it is all up to you to make her feel cool around you such that she can trust you.

b. Discovering the secrets of her personality that she does not reveal. This can be done by monitoring her from a distance, and evaluating her methods of communication and interaction through many practical situations that occur during meetings and discussions with friends. 

c. Listening to her when she talks about others, watching the way she talks about them in their absence, and noticing her personal standards of respect for those around her. 

d. Seeing her position with disputes and problems, and her own way of managing difficult situations, resolving them in a calm and healthy manner, asking for help from other friends and interacting with them friendly and politely, or anger and emotion and behaving appropriately and inappropriately. 

e. Evaluate the position of the her when making a mistake against other friends, and follow her way of admitting the mistake and apologizing, or justifying it and blaming others.

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