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5 signs you are not over your ex

A relationship ending can be pretty distressing. After a relationship ends, you delete their number, block them, delete their pictures, and unfollow them on all the social media platforms but your feelings remain - those aren't easily deleted.

How do you know you are not over them?

1.You still check his social accounts. You just want to make sure he isn’t having more fun than you or doesn’t have a new girlfriend.

2. You’ve become the crying drunk. Ever since your breakup you end up crying whenever you have more than a few vodka sodas and always bring him up. 

3. You still felt hurt, anger or guilt

Depending on how it ended, if you are still angry, hurt or guilty over the events that transpired, then you are certainly not over them. You should feel indifferent towards them. They shouldn’t invoke any feelings in you anymore.

4. You Compare Other Dates To Your Ex

If you are comparing other people to your ex, then you are not allowing yourself to find an opportunity for love elsewhere, as you are still hung up and unable to move on.

 Remember that your ex and other potential partners are different, and potential partners should have an equal chance to be themselves and be given the benefit of the doubt without pre-determined judgments.

5. you miss your ex 24/7

Even if the relationship ended poorly, there's usually some time within the healing process where you find yourself missing him or her, regardless of how happy or sad you are with the outcome of the relationship.

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