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SATIRE : Lady Buys Her Boyfriend Tiger Nut As Birthday Gift So That He Can Perform Better

A lady Identified as Akua, was seen buying a big bowl full of Tiger nuts in the Central district of Accra. She carefully chose the nuts to ensure that she got the best. The seller who was surprised at the lady's action asked whether she was going to retail the nuts. It however, turned out that the lady was buying the nuts for her boyfriend.

The beautiful lady who looked obviously concerned said it was her boyfriend’s birthday and she also needed to be happy. She said her boyfriend does not perform well and so she had come to buy him tiger nuts as a way to help herself and also to show her love for him.

This brought smiles on the face of the seller who added more cups of tiger nuts at no extra cost. Akua, who was pleased with the gesture promised to come again another day to buy some more tiger nuts.

This was a very strange way to show love to a boyfriend on a birthday but this story teaches us that the little things in life also matter.

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