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Causes of "Loose Virginia" And How to Tighten it

A lot of women in Ghana have been through stress because they have been once been told of how "loose" their reproductive organ is during intimacy. It's normal for certain life conditions you go through or experience make your Virgina loose its lustre.

The medical term used to describe "loose Virgina" is laxity.

Some causes of laxity include;

1. Child birth; when you give birth, the process stretches your muscles, tendons and Virgina walls.

2. Menopause; old age in a woman can cause low level of estrogen levels, and this may lead to laxity.

3. Any health conditions that results in low estrogen levels.

4. Aging muscles and tendons causing a weak pelvic floor.

When you are suffering from laxity, you experience one more of the following symptoms

1. One experience low drive for intimacy.

2. You frequently urinate

3. Low satisfaction from intimacy.

4. You experience burning sensation in your Virgina during urination.

5. Abnormal discharge from your Virgina.

6. Lack of lubrication during intercourse.

If you experience any of these signs and diagnosed of laxity, these are the options you can use to tighten your Virgina;

1. Herbs; Virginal laxity can be treated with herbal creams and spray. Herb is very effective since it's non-toxic and have minimal level of side effects. You should however consult with your doctor before applying it.

2. Estrogen therapy; this can be done through Hormones Replacement Therapy (HRT). HRT helps to replace all the hormones the body don't longer use after menopause or when the body decreases the production of estrogen.

3. Exercise; any exercise that helps to tighten the muscles around you pelvic floor is highly recommended to tighten the virgina. Kegel exercise is the most recommended by experts as its help in effective toning of the pelvic floor, reduce incontinence and increase sexual pleasure.

Hope this has been educative.

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