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Ladies, 8 Signs Know You’re Not His Actual Girlfriend, You’re His Side Chick

Not many people want to risk dating just one person. They want backups in case the one they love takes them by surprise. No one wants to get hurt, which is why it is such a scary time to seek a relationship. You must be vigilant so that you can avoid becoming the "high school girl". Do you think you are dating someone who is dating other people? Here are 8 signs you could be right.

1. Your Expectations Are Extremely Low.

When he does something as simple as wish you a good night, you're impressed. That's an issue! You should have higher standards than that, and you would if you weren't his side woman. But he's set a low bar... a very low bar. As a result, all he has to do now is react to your texts, and you're filled with butterflies.

2. He Leaves Immediately After Sex.

After sex, he doesn't stay and converse. And there's no snuggling involved. He gets dressed and departs without a second thought the moment he's finished. Are you curious as to why he's in such a hurry? There are two options. Either he must return to his partner or he does not wish to spend the night with you. Which one is the worst?

3. He Is Very Secretive.

You don't know anything about him. Does he have brothers? Is he unemployed? Is he a homeowner? You have no idea and not for lack of trying. You've asked questions, but he never answers. Instead of letting you in, he keeps you at a distance. He's not looking at you like he's a long-term girlfriend, so why would he tell you his secrets?

4. You Only See Him At Night.

Do you see it only after the sun goes down? That's a pretty clear sign that you're his side girl. If you were someone who liked him, he would make time for you during the day. Whether it's to take you out for Sunday lunch or go to a farmer's market. Your meetings wouldn't be limited to after-hours events.

5. He's An Extremely Frustrated Person When It Comes To Money.

You've been "seeing" each other for a while, and he's spent exactly zero dollars on you. It all makes sense. Guys with side chicks don't always have the financial means to treat all of their females. Regrettably, you did not cut. He has to save money somewhere, which is why you're always the one footing the bill for Postmates.

6. He Doesn't Go On Dates With You.

"After-thought nights" are what you receive instead of "date nights." He only hangs out with you if one of his plans falls through, which is unlikely due to his busy schedule. Worst of all? He has no remorse! He calls you at 10 p.m. and invites you to "come over," without even apologizing for the late hour. Disrespect at its most egregious.

7. He Avoids Any "Boyfriend" Duty.

He refuses to be your plus one at weddings and won't go to your friend's dinners. He says he likes you, but his actions speak louder than his words. If he likes you, he would act like a boyfriend and not like a stranger you meet on the street.

8. With The Absolute Minimum, He Keep You Happy.

He understands that to keep you interested in him, you must continue to be interested in him. That's why he lavishes you with compliments and flashes that million-dollar grin. When you begin to distance yourself, he becomes interested. He knows how women think and isn't hesitant to utilize that information to his advantage.

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