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Mistakes to avoid in relationships no matter what.

Relationships are the combined effort of love,effort and commitment two people have for each other. These days a lot of relationships don't work because people keep on rushing into them,without really planning everything out.Sometimes,these relationships are even purely transactional, and not because of genuine love of people.

The first mistake to avoid is to make sure you're both on the same spiritual footing.If you're a Christian, start and commit the relationship to God,and the direction will be set.When there's always division between the two of you religiously, it will create rifts and the possible breakup of the relationship.

2.Avoid betraying the trust ofyourpartner;Trust is probably the most important factor, especially when starting a relationship. If the trust in a relationship is broken, it's more than likely the relationship won't survive.

3.Don't disrespect your partner, publicly or privately ;Respect is almost proportional to the love and affection you have for someone. Respect your partners, especially men,and they're going to return it tenfold in other amazing ways.

4.Avoid holding grudges;It's two people who want to spend the rest of their lives possibly in a relationship, so if there's issues unresolved, resentment is going to breed.Talk out things with your partner, no matter how difficult and try to resolve your issues.

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