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Husband and wife relationship

Photos of Twin Sisters Who Were Married To The Same Man

Owami and Siko are identical twins who studied at the same high school, university, and are now married to the same man. Twins

are like husband and wife who share things in common and will fight anyone who tries to come between them. Siko and her sister made a vow to remain virgins and unmarried until they met a man who would agree to marry them both and give him their bodies.

Things weren't fun for them anymore, as time was catching up with them. They decided to go into business and build their career. Finding a man who would love and marry them was a difficult task.

Both twins never wanted to date different men their dream has always to be with one man who will accept them both. Luckily for them, they met an old man who decided to marry Sako and her twin sister.

Siko and her sister decided not to listen to critics outside and went on to live with the man who married them. Today, both twins are happily married and enjoying their marriage.

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Owami Sako Siko Twin Sisters


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