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Divorce Affair

It’s not wise for a wife to attack a side-chick – Counselor Charlotte Oduro

Popular marriage therapist Rev. Charlotte Oduro has urged wives not to confront their husbands' side women. One of the contentious counselors in the entertainment sector is the marriage counselor. Some of her recommendations have been met with strong opposition, while others have found favor.

A person doesn't die for marriage; rather, they live for it, according to the counselor who was interviewed on Oyerepa Breakfast Time. "We don't die to marry; we live to marry."

She bemoaned the fact that some women's marriages had resulted in their deaths. Because any man who intends to cheat will do so without regret, she encouraged women to stop battling a cheating husband.

"The fact that some women have died as a result of marriages disturbs me. We live to marry; we don't die to marry. A man who cheats on his wife is a responsible individual. No matter what his wife does, a man will cheat if he so chooses. said Rev. Oduro.

She urged women to put their own lives first and disregard their cheating husbands, nevertheless.

Ignore your husband's infidelity. The majority of cheating guys find it intolerable when you ignore them when they are anticipating a response from their wife. A man cannot take it when a woman understands her speed and is actively working.

The counselor believes that it is improper for a woman to assault a side chick inside of their home. “It’s unwise for a wife to attack a side-chick, especially in their house. When you go to her house and she damages you, there’s no sense in it. So wives should know how to manage their emotions to avoid trouble”. She told Kwesi Parker-Wilson, the host of the show.

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