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Husband and wife relationship

4 Rights Your Wife Has That You Should Not Abuse No Matter How Provoked You Are.

In marriage there are things that a husband shouldn't abuse no matter how upset or angry you are, and abusing your wife's rights is one of them. It is no doubt that marriage is beautiful and a place where to be understood and also love. However, some men take the respect and loyalty of their wife as a weakness. And this is totally wrong.

It is very important that as a man, no matter how upset or angry you are, there are some rights of your wife you should never abuse.

Men, Here are 4 rights of your wife you should never abuse.

1. Freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is one of those rights of your wife you should never abuse. Today there are so many recorded cases I have read about men telling their wives to keep quiet while they speak. This is not good. Especially when the wife has no intention of disrespecting her husband. 

While in some situations, when family issues or important issues are being discussed. Some men would not even want to listen or hear their wife out. Because they have created the impression that whatever she has to say is worthless, and this is discouraging and totally unfair. As a married man, it is very important that you understand that your wife is mature enough to bring in an idea or contribute her opinion to whatever is happening in your marriage. Shutting her up will do no good than hurt her. So whenever important issues are going on, let her know she is free to contribute her opinion.

2. Right to feed.

As a man, it is also important that the right to feed shouldn't be abused in your marriage. However, as a man, when you accept to marry or love a woman. It is very important that you take care of her at this point, it is part of your responsibilities. It is never a good idea to starve your wife of food for any reasons. Your wife has the right to feed. Staving your wife food will do no good. As a man, you should never starve your wife of food as a form of punishment or torture her for her wrongs. This will do no good. And it is advisable as a man, you should check up on your wife to know if she has eaten. Some men don't care if their wives eat or not. And this is totally wrong.

3. Rights to be protected.

Women always look up to their husband for protection. So they depend on you for their protection. It is totally wrong when the one who is supposed to be protecting his wife becomes the one who is beating her.

4. Right to be respected.

Women cherish and love men who respect them. So as a man, it is advisable you respect your wife, just as she respects you. A man who doesn't respect his wife will create the impression in her that she is worthless and also discouraging. So as a man, when you finally settle down with that woman of your dream, do not disrespect her.

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