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Do You Know About The World's Rarest Personality Type? Find Out If You're One

Have you heard of INFJ before? Are you scared you could be one? It's one of the rarest personality types in the world. It is characterized by Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judgement (INFJ). About 2% of the world's population have this type of personality. People with this type of personality are known to be gentle, caring and creative. Do you want to know of you belong to this class of people? If yes, kindly continue reading the article.

1. You're on a different wavelength. Being on a different wavelength means you've a dominant intuition. You usually feel different when you're having conversations with family and friends. You find it very difficult explaining how you see things, making you mostly isolated or misunderstood by others. If you're familiar with these, you're probably an INFJ.

2. You're a perfectionist who procrastinates. Do you have a fear of failure? Are you that individual that wants to always be successful and also beat everyone's expectations for you? Because of your burning desire to do everything perfectly, you tend to procastinate a lot so that you've the perfect time to make everything perfect. This only means one thing, you're an INFJ.

3. You're perceptive and good at reading people. If you're very good at understanding people's emotional state and motivating them, this could be a clear sign that you're an INFJ. You rely greatly on your intuition to dig deep into someone's mind to understand exactly how they feel. You're very intrigued by how other people's minds work and how that makes each person very unique. You tend to often think about how everyone is fighting their own battles.

4. You Tend To Have A very Small Circle. Your circle refers to individuals you often hang out with. This type of individuals often have a large number of acquaintances but very few friends. You're very loyal to your circle and plan to be devoted to them in the future. You rarely have the urge to make new friends. This means you've a very high intuition which helps you to differentiate between people who share your values and those who are "fake".

5. You hate small talks. Does talking about the weather or other irrelevant things for long irritate you? Du you constantly find yourself trying to engage in conversations that tend to take you out of your comfort zone and making to crack your brain? This is a very convincing sign that you've the INFJ personality.

Are these signs familiar to you? Do you know someone who you think has the INFJ personality? I hope this article helps you figure it out. Don't forget to like and comment on my article. Kindly share my article with friends and family. Don't forget to mask up and observe all Covid 19 protocols. Thank you for reading my article.

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