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Jilted Husband Shoots Wife In Rambo Style For Threatening to Divorce Him

Information reaching our desks from Sefwi Akontombra District of the Western North Region indicates that a man has shot his wife killing her instantly in sad circumstances. Kwamena Dominic who is fifty-seven years has been having issues with his wife, Akua Mercy who is also forty-seven years for some time now.

They both live in a community known as Sefwi Sika Ne Asem. Since Akua Mercy has lost all her parents, she has decided to build a new family with his husband and has made three children so far. They have been living happily as husband and wife until Akua Mercy decided to leave the marriage. Her reasons were that the husband has been tormenting her life for some time now and she cannot stay in the marriage anymore.

The husband also beats her mercilessly at any given opportunity, a situation that makes her visit the hospital regularly. She was however scared for her life and decided to pack out from the home of her husband but Kwame Dominic rejected the offer and commanded her to stay. He later confessed to being a changed man and pleaded with her to stay but Akua Mercy declined. She parked her belongings and went to the roadside to pick a vehicle to her destination.

However, her husband was not happy with the decision and went for a gun from his room. He chased the wife and released bullets on her in a Rambo style. She, unfortunately, died on the spot. Since there was no one around, Kwamena Dominic bolted with his gun to seek refuge in another village known as Nzawura but luck eluded him.

The lifeless body of Akua Mercy 

He went to a drinking spot to find comfort but got drunk along the way. In the process, he started confessing and that got the people around alarmed. They quickly connected him to the death of Akua Mercy and subjected him to severe beatings. The mob killed him in the process before the police arrived at the scene. The two bodies have all been deposited at the mortuary pending further investigations.

It is unfortunate such stories keep popping up but the three children of Akua Mercy have been left in the care of no one. Their future is currently unknown because they have lost both parents. If their father had been a little patient, their mother would have been alive. This should serve as a lesson to all partners who are going through challenges to exercise restraint since uncontrolled anger can cause severe problems.

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