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Husband and wife relationship

“My Husband is Older than My Father by 3 Years, that’s Not a Big Deal to Me” Lady Says

Women who marry older men are often ridiculed and stigmatized by society. We've seen young women in Ghana marry older boys and it's always been a big deal. Women who are married to the 90-year-old man include Akua Asabe and Aschlorm.

The love story of this wonderful couple began on social networks when Brenda and Ssemacula first met as friends, fell in love and got married. Because of her age, Brenda's family rejected Ssemacula and warned them not to marry him. Brenda married Ssemacula, despite all odds.

When he and his girlfriend left, he said, everyone made fun of him. Because she refuses to listen and marry the man she loves, her family and friends turn their backs on her. Brenda claims that she and her husband have been married for six years and have a son who looks very much like his grandfather because his father is older.

People should marry everyone they love, regardless of age, say Brenda and Ssemaula in their book, because marriage is about happiness, not age. It is good to marry an 80 year old man when you are a 23 year old girl.

Even though Brenda and her husband are 53 years apart and her husband is even 3 years older than her father, she claims that she married him for love and not for money.

What do you think of Brenda and Ssemacula as a couple? What do you think about the fact that age doesn't play a role in management? Do you imagine marrying a man with an age difference of 50 years?

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