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The Fantastic Behavior Of A Man Who Hides His Feelings When In Love

A lot of guys are much afraid to show their feelings to women due to so many reasons.

If your guy does not show his feelings, there are still possible ways to know and to better understand his behavior in love to see if he is interested in you.

Sometimes his not showing doesn't mean he does not love you, but because he is shy or not yet ready to reveal his deepest feelings. 

Such a guy will reveal his feelings to you only when he had btained your trust and it is a very good sign to know if he is ready to engage in the relationship.

You need to be very patient when dating such a guy if you love him truly for him to be comfortable to share his feelings with you. I know this is unusual of guys but some are like that. 

3 ways to know the behaviour of a guy who hides his feelings in love

1. A man who asks a lot of questions about you.

This kind of a man seeks much information about you, in so many ways and from so many people.

He is so much curious and asking about you just to know you well before he can share his feelings with you.

He is interested in you because he wants to know more about you and your life.

He doesn't want to make a mistake of a choice of partner at all. Such guys are one man one woman type of a guy.

If you master patient and you are attracted by this man, no matter how he interacts with you, he will never trust anyone who will say any bad thing about you.

His minds is already made up. And no amount of words will ever change his mind and love for you.

And by the time he is convinced about you, the kind of love he will show to you will melt your entire self.

If you are having trouble knowing if you are seduced, you need to learn to recognize the signs of a man looking at a woman.

2. He applies his voice and lips when talking to you

This type of guy after he is convinced about you will now use his voice romantically and leak his lips when talking to you. That is a powerful tool he uses to appeal to of his interested in you. 

These are important things to learn, as it can allow you to easily detect the indicators to know if he appeals to you, but also to see if it is a man who hides his feelings.

Of a truth that true and lasting love can only be established on the exchange of feelings, and this exchange is only possible between two beings capable of understanding and absorbing one into the other.

– Charles Dollfus

3. A man who will seek to speak to you using excuses.

He is not going to speak to you about his own intention directly, but rather he is going to speak to you through an apology that he is bringing him towards you.

 Whether it was a colleague he gave him a task to send you, news in the newspaper, an interesting article to read, etc.

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