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" I Have a Boyfriend ", Shouldn't Stop You From Chasing a Woman You Like.

"I have a boyfriend" ❗️

Most girls reject or refuse to talk to guys without thinking twice about anything (unless they are in a very serious relationship), most girls you approach and start a convo with will just smash you with that "I have a boyfriend" statement.

Today I've decided to tell you what it means when girls say, "I have a boyfriend." Very often girls use this excuse to refuse you. 


Even if she tells you in plain text that she has a boyfriend, it still doesn't mean anything! (Not Really)

Treat it calmly, as if you don't care about it at all. 

Just tell her, "I'm not interested in your boyfriend. I'm interested in you"


And, most likely, if you continue and do everything correctly,

Taking into consideration your

1. Dressing


2. Manners

Then this fortress of hers, will fall!


Just trust me, about 50% of the time there is no guy. Don't stop!🤠

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