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7 Strange Things Women Do When They Are Alone That All Men Should Know

There are some things women do when alone or indoors and no one with them is normal, and many women fall under this category. As a man, I know you would like to get a clue what a woman does at home when they are alone and lonely. 

Here are some things women do when they are alone or lonely:

1. They talk to themselves, laugh and always look in a mirror to see how beautiful they look.

Almost 80% of women do this when they are alone at home and nobody is watching. They go to the mirror and start talking to themselves or singing or even practice how to laugh using the mirror. 

2. Check their ex’s social media profile to check on him secretly. 

When a woman has issues with her man or boyfriend and decided to block you when upset, they also visit your social media handle to check on you using another account. 

Or check if you have finally moved on. Women have this little pride in them, you can't predict. 

3. They love to take out their bras and clothes at times when they are indoors and alone

I don't have to explain this that much, if you are a woman in this article, you understand what I am saying.

4. Cry for little things or nothing when alone. 

Women do this a lot because they are so emotional even if they are looking strong, on the other hand, like they don't feel pain. True women are so soft at times when home alone or missing someone close, they go to the mirror and cry and also watch themselves crying to see how beautiful they look. 

5. Dancing

Women dance very well when they are alone, unlike guys. When a woman is inside with her phone, she dances all the steps you can think of, jumping and moving her body left and right. 

6. Watching romantic movies

The love of ZEE world they love watching romantic movies when alone. 

7. She always likes to put her hands on her chest. 

I don't know the reason for this, but when you get close to a woman, you start noticing this. They like putting their hands on their chest. I don't know if it makes them comfortable, or they forget when doing these unlike guys. 

Here are some secret things women do when indoors or alone. 

Women are a gift from God, love your woman with all your hearts. Thanks for reading, don't forget to follow me for more relationship articles.

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