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Divorce Affair

40 years old man commits suicide after his wife divorce him.

Marriage is a long journey and it is therefore necessary for an individual to be well prepared before he or she ventures into it. It is one thing to decide to get married, but is another thing to get the best wife or husband who will and can stand by you at all cost in life. We have a lot of challenges in marital homes, but the ability to solve it makes it a happy home. There is no marriage without misunderstanding.

It was reported this evening live from Angel TV that, a Man who is about 40 years old in Adieso upper west, commits suicide. It was later discovered that, the 40 years old man by name Joe killed himself because, his wife divorce him in a painful manner.

Some neighbours are stated it clear on Angel TV that, Joe and his Wife really had a good time and no one can actually tell what lead to their divorce leading to the death of JOE. THEY added that, they saw Joe's door locked tightly and they thought Joe have left to work earlier then he use to do. After a long wait, they decided to open the door by force. When it was done, they saw the body of Joe, hanging on the rope in his room dead. This is very sad.

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