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4 Funny Things Girls Do When Their Period Is Late

There are funny things girls do when their period is late. When a girl gets to adolescent stage one of the things that shows the person is in that stage is menstruating.

And when that period comes, it becomes a norm so they always expect too see it very month.

Therefore when it comes to a certain month and a girl doesn't see it, she becomes highly disturb because she thinks of being pregnant. That is if such a girl is has had an affair with a guy.

Situations like this disturbs them because they might not be ready to be mothers at that time of their lives.

And when girls fall into this situation, they do these funny things below:

1. They yell at their fiance's

They turn to loose their peace so therefore they yell at their fiance's at any little mistake.

All this is because they never wanted pregnancy at that time of their lives.

2. They figure themselves wearing maternity dress

When they get themselves to such an unprepared situations, they always sit up thinking about how they will look in their maternity dresses.

They wonder how they are going to leave their body fitted clothes to put on a big loose no style dresses for nine months.

3. They turn to become prayer warriors

When girls loose their periods and not ready to be mother's, they turn to pray at any given time begging God to let their period come. 

They promise God of going to lead a good life after they see their period again. Most of them turns to compulsory start going to church if they never use to go.

4. They become fake gym instructor

Girls who finds themselves in such a situation of not being ready will then intensionally start morning exercises.

Jumping and jogging becomes part of her lifestyle with the aim that they will see their periods.

These and others are what most girls find themselves when they find themselves not seeing their periods at a particular month.

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