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Wedding planning scene

Stop: Here are 5 engagement ideas for you.

Let's get married in grand style. Weddings are a sign of happiness. Weddings brings smiles unto the face on two people and joy to two families. Although there might be other people not happy about the marriage but who cares.

Ghanaian marriages have such a beautiful custom. These customs involve a lot of process, howbeit fun processes.

To start, during every traditional wedding ceremony, important spokesmen from both families will stage a playful, symbolic negotiation at the wedding, this one way or anotherproves the peaceful coexistence within the two families.

From the bride’s side, the head of her family popularly known as the "Abusuapayin" who is often the eldest relative on her father’s side and the spokesman from her family will sit on one side of the room, along with her family. On the other side, the groom’s family will sit with their family spokesperson. The two spokesmen are the only people to speak during the negotiation, which includes officially asking for thebeautiful bride's hand in marriage. This occasion is not a formal meeting and both families have a lot of fun jokingly bantering with each other during this part of the ceremony and getting acquainted with each other.

Next, gifts are presented to the bride and her family from the groom and his family. Akonta Sikan are gifts to the bride’s brothers whiles an additional set of gifts are given to her parents in appreciation, this is to say thank you for taking care of her up until the point of marriage. The bride receives a dowry, in that her family writes the list of things she supposedly needs to start married life. The dowry typically includes kitchen utensils, jewelry, makeup and clothes. These items are brought to the wedding ceremony in a decorative trunk and presented to the bride.

Today I bring to you 5 wedding ideas you could try with your bride or groom if you are getting married soon.

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