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Main chick and her friends discipline side chick after finding out she "eats" her boyfriend

I don't know why most of us tend to pull all our wrath towards people who get into the affairs between us and our loved ones. The fact that some people find a way to get associated with our loved ones does not mean we should go ahead to abuse them. I mean, why wouldn't a girl attack her boyfriend for being a womanizer but rather move forward to the woman he is cheating on her with?

This is very unfair and disgusting. Who knows? Maybe, your boyfriend after going to seek for a relationship with that girl told her that he is single and has no woman in his life. This is very possible and hence, directing your wrath towards such a girl is only going to make you torment the life of an innocent girl who only thought she had found genuine love.

This runs in both ways because sometime ago, a certain guy was beaten mercilessly by the main boyfriend of the girl he was moving out with. Never did he know the girl had a serious boyfriend. Well, he thought he had found love only to realize he was on the verge of being abused for moving with a girl in a relationship. He was caught in bed with the girl who was supposedly his new girlfriend and was beaten like a kid by the girl's boyfriend and his squad.

One may ask me why I am ranting about this issue. A video trending at the moment sees a girl being abused by the main chick and her squad. I am sure most of you would like to watch the video and therefore I decided to make it available to you all. Here is the link to the video

The victim is the circled lady over here and looking at the video, you can see that it is a three against one affair. Three ladies including the main girl and her other two friends decided to squeeze the life out of the other girl which they found in their room. She tried explaining that she had nothing to do with him but never did she know it will be followed by a hot slap.

They have really given it to her and I feel like this is just not right. Why don't they move to the cheating guy but the voiceless girl? Maybe they should put themselves in the shoes of the girl, she visited a boy who didn't disclose the truth only to fall victim to an unexpected abuse

Is this really right? Does she have to be beaten just because she is moving out with a guy who can't stick to one woman?

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