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We Are Not Expected To Live Forever But If These Are Well Cared For Most Deaths Will Be Avoided

There is a Saying that Death is Inevitable And no Matter the Race Or Age When it's knock on your door, its DNA is planted whether you open it or not. 

Although we are not live forever, there are several things when done as expected of us most deaths will be avoided which include:

1. Having An Affair With a Married Man or Woman

Most deaths will be averted or prevented if we are to stay in our lane not messing with other lanes. Having an affair with a married man or woman should not be something that should be encouraged no matter the reason because it always ends up hurting someone (the wife or husband). Most women and men in marriage try to have an affair outside their marriage to bring solace to themselves.

But couples know better, if there are troubles at home, I believe there are channels that can help, having an affair outside marriage doesn't solve any issue it worsens it and if not lucky comes with a disease which might not be curable. 

2. Taking What's Not Yours 

Stealing or taking something which does not belong to you is a very bad habit. The sad part is you don't know how or what the owner did before he or she got such a thing in place first. Why steal and not work and get whatever you want, do we even enjoy it to the fullest?. there is no joy in having possession of someone's property. If you want to live long, this should be something you shouldn't practice. Some people will not let it go.

Whether at the workplace, home, or wherever we may find ourselves, lets us try not to be greedy but be content with our lives and what we have, in due time whatever we want we will surely get it in numbers.

3. Building In Waterproof Areas

Having a house to yourself is what everyone dreams of because of outrageous rents prices these days. but the question is where do we build that dream house?. Most people buy lands in waterlogged areas because the price is less than in other places. why should we be stingy when our own life is involved?.

We all can bear witness to ourselves that during rainy seasons there is a high percentage of expected flood so why build behind dams and rivers. 

4. Driving In The Rain

Am not a driver nor own a car but I know better not to drive when it's rainy. When it rains, it's luckily cars can skid off because of the smooth surface of the road or there can be a crash because of blur vision.

These and others are common mistakes we make which results in most untimely deaths. What's so joyous than living longer and enjoying the fruitiness of your sweat?. Although we may pass someday but let's not make it look easier or bring it closer to us, we all can do better.

Yes, we can do better, that's we should help spread this article so that we can live longer and wine and dine with our loved ones and everyone.

Wish You a longer life, Health, And Wealth 

Content created and supplied by: HonEhEs (via Opera News )


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