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Stop Spiritual Marriage Today And Be Free.

Spiritual marriage is one of the major problem faced nowadays. Some people believe that only women experience spiritual marriage but today we will deed into it and bring out all the hidden secrets . Spiritual marriage is not only a problem faced by women but men also do uncounter such problems . Spiritual marriage is a situation were an individual have an attachment either marine spirit, witchcraft spirit, dwarf spirit, ect that always have sexual intercourse in the individual in question without his her concerns . Most at times, the individuals involved feel the urge for sex and before they realize , they have ejaculated . Some women also at night feel like someone is sleeping with them and when they wake up in real life , they see semen on themselves. This is an attach that everybody that notice the signs must fight with all his or her strength because it brings bad luck and setback in the life of the individual and desappointment is paramount among all. Most people pray , fast , and seeck for solution to this problem in one way and the order to no avail . But today I,m going to teach you how to do away with these spirits and be free permanently.

Items needed

Sea salt

African incense

cassava leaves with seven petals as show bellow

Rain water directly gotten from the sky.


Squeeze the cassava leaves into the rain water directly gotten and add some quantity of sea salt and add also seven of the african incense and pour all the mixture into a container and cover it nicely. Let the container be close to your bed for three .

Mode of use

After the three days , be using the water to small small to wash your waist and your private area before sleeping. This solution is tested and confirmed so do it and bring back your testimonies .

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