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Husband and wife relationship

My husband is aware that I have a sugar daddy

Marriage is an institution that needs whole dedication and sacrifice.

Finding each other was the easy part; then came dating, courting, engagement, and, most likely, marriage.

When things get real, they tend to weigh on the relationship in the form of finances, employment, and family responsibilities.

Juliana had been married to her husband for four years, and God had blessed them with twins during that time.

They've had a beautiful marriage with less stress and a solid financial situation. Because things were going well for them, the man decided not to have his wife work.

However, it stated that "no condition is permanent." Things are starting to change now.

A recent fire outbreak destroyed the husband's business. The fire destroyed several possessions, including some cash.

Things got difficult for the pair because the wife was also unemployed, putting all of the load on the man, which he couldn't bear.

Julie once told her husband that there is one wealthy individual who could assist them. However, there is a condition.

He agreed on the condition that he have an affair with her wife, but her husband was hesitant.

Days passed, and his creditors continued to urge him to pay his obligations, forcing him to offer the wife the opportunity to visit the man.

To the husband, that would be the only time his wife would see the man.

Since the spouse is having financial troubles, it has become a daily routine for the wife to see him.

The husband's sister caught the wife and the rich man from a hotel one unfaithful day and she got angry and engaged in a quarrel with her

"My spouse is aware that I have a sugar daddy," Julie could only reply to excuse herself.

The sister in law became mute.

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