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How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Falling in love is a natural process that happens between two compatible people, so there's no way to force it. There are, however, many traits and behaviors you can exhibit to help her get all the feels. If you’re still having a hard time understanding these general concepts, let’s take a look at these specific ideas on how to make a girl fall in love with you.

Accept Her As She Is

One of the main ways a woman falls in love is when she knows she can be herself around you. Avoiding put-downs and reminding her every once in a while why you love a particular quirk of hers can help her feel comfortable being who she is. While there may be things you'd love to see her improve for her own well-being and for your relationship, letting her know you take the good with the bad goes a long way in helping her feel the love.

Get To Know Her Crowd Or Be A Part Of Her Circle.

Try to be a part of her world by making an effort to meet her friends – but don’t do it just because you want to impress her. You should also have the genuine desire to be with the people inside your social circle, especially if you have the same hobbies and interests. However, if you think that you’re from two different worlds, don’t force it and just be true to yourself. There are still other things that you can do to get her attention.


Who doesn’t like a nice compliment now and then? Just please don’t give her fake praise or she will kick your butt to the curb fast. Make sure the compliment is genuine and sincere and not too deep. If you overdo it, I can guarantee this pointer will backfire big time. Flatter her a little and she will reward you handsomely.

Be an active listener

You must have heard everywhere that women love men who listen. That is true, but you have to understand being good at it requires more than keeping quiet while she talks, though it’s a start. An active listener not only pays attention, he also shows that he is by giving feedback. However, you should be careful not to interrupt her flow with your interjections and try to pay attention to her body language as well.

Be Confident and Passionate

Women don't want to be in relationships with insecure men who need constant caretaking, so be confident in who you are and what you do. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so tread lightly. One way to show confidence is through your passions. Seeing you have a passion for your life and hobbies shows her it's possible for there to be passion between the two of you.

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