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Video: ' Broken Heart Served Hot ', Social Media Users React To A Viral Video

In recent time, a lot of relationships are getting sour. Thus, a lot of relationships are breaking because of various reasons. It is very common nowadays to see adolescents who can baret feed themselves saying they are dating or they are in a relationship. I think this is one of the main causes of the increasing cases of broken heart we hear day in day out.

Recently on social media, a young guy whose identity hasn't be revealed yet was seen crying in a viral video. According, the information sources, the guy was caught crying after his alledge girlfriend dumped him.

This video has really caught a lot of attention from social media users who shared their views in the comments section of the post. Most social media users were seen advising young people to invest their youthful energy in building themselves properly before thinking of entering into any relationship.

What really caught my attention was the Caption to the post which states, ' Broken heart served hot like breakfast. '


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Broken Heart


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