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How Can You See All These Pretty Women and Decide to Be Gay?

The conversation of LGBTQI+ is up for discussion in Ghana. Since then, there have been a series of back-and-forth comments from the legal to the moral and the religious perspective. But there has never been one on the good taste and enjoyment from the side of the heterosexual (the straight).

I know right now one gay guy is reading this and probably insulting me that I am dumb and don’t understand the biological narrative of their sexual orientation. But hey, my point is also valid.

It is worth considering! And I guess many heterosexual readers who chance on this article will definitely support me on this.

The way women are made is unique and attractive. From time immemorial, the beauty and sexual attraction of women have won the hearts of kings, poets, scientists, politicians and other men from various walks of life with varied professions.

Look, the beauty of women made me write a sonnet poem for my love:

14 lines to my CORE

Before the moon hangs low in the cold

A lot of words went untold

Her lips, skin, fingers, thighs and toes

Beauty, with no limit

Pay me attention and I will remit

All the wisdom and the caring to your credit

Are something nut nothing to the credit


On days when the sun is hot

But your mind is not

You reminisce and think about a lot

Society has ridiculed you before

Dragged your esteem right down the floor

Doubts may come, but only if you take the call

Because in my heart is just you the – CORE


Tell me to choose otherwise and I will have difficulty appreciating your instruction: because women are enough to share my love, children and build a family with.

The time is now for homosexuals in Ghana take a critical look at this request and invest time in trying to find attraction in the opposite gender.

Until then, all the best pals.


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