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"Models" - 3 "Bad Boy" Traits That Attracts Women To The Core

The attitude of a "bad boy" is very attractive and admired by many both genders. To successfully become an alpha male cannot be gotten on a silver platter. Being a "bad boy" does not necessarily means to be arrogant or disrespectful. Yes, bad boys are automatically alpha males who can go beyond all odds to get a woman attracted to them. Having the right charm is essential to get a job done right.

You have to elevate yourself from being a fake nice guy before you can play the game of love as a bad boy. Undoubtedly, the bad boy still rules over the "fake nice guys". Below are some bad boy character trait that most women admire.

1. Dominance

To be able to successfully attract a woman to the core as a bad boy, you should portray a trait by being dominant. Women love guys who are able to take control over the very scene they find themselves. Women are naturally submissive and unconsciously want a more dominant man to be submissive to. Be ready to dominate your environment if you want women to come drooling over you.

2. Independent Or Self Reliance

Being able to rely on your own self than seeking for comfortable shoulders to cry is a trait that only the bad boy possess. Bad boys know what they are capable of doing and there never resort to seek the "go ahead" of people before they act. They are independent and wish to do things on their own without the help of others.

3. They Go For What They Want

Alpha males or bad boys are not just dreamers. They act out their dreams to make it a reality. If they want something, they go after it with all their effort. They bravely rise against all odds instead of sitting down and wait for what they want. Such trait to be precise really attracts women and they keep in praising who exhibit such act.

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