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Pray For Wisdom Before Choosing Who You Want To Marry - Popular Celebrity Advises

In Africa and some part of the world, marriage is one of the important events in one’s life time. In some society in Africa, a young man or woman is not recognized as a full human being if he or she is not married.

Century back, before a man propose to the lady he wants to marry, the parents or he himself might have prayed to God or consult other men of God to make sure the lady he is going for is the right one.

In today’s world, a lot of men and women don’t follow the footsteps our forefathers use to. As far as the lady is beautiful, fair in complexion and fit for him, he does not care and may even forget to pray for wisdom from God, he quickly rush in for the marriage.

A renowned Nigerian celebrity, an activist, social media influencer and a media personality, Reno Omokri advises young men and women on what to do before and how to go about a marriage proposal in his latest post on twitter.

He advised that one should seek wisdom and protection from the almighty God before accepting any proposal, no matter how old or how desperate one is. He says one should pray or fast before he goes to choose the person he want to marry.

In his own words; “ No matter how desperate you are, and no matter how old you are, don’t make or accept a marriage proposal without first praying. You either fast and pray for wisdom before choosing who you will marry or deliverance after marrying. Your choice!” he advised.

The big question here is that, in today’s world that we are living, how many of us pray or fast to seek God intervention in choosing a bride or a groom? This is to remind you and I to always put the almighty God first in whatever we intend to do. May he guide us throughout our daily activities and guide us to make the right choices in choosing who to marry.

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By:Mohammed Ibn Nanzari Charisma

Content created and supplied by: MNCNEWS (via Opera News )

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